Sunday, December 21, 2014

Changes Ahead!

Hey there strangers! It's been a while since I've posted anything on here, as I have been busy with school, interning, and just everyday life! I am hoping back into the swing of things with blogging soon though, and have decided to make some changes:

You may have noticed, if you were a past reader, my new header and the removal of much of the content previously posted on this site. For now, I am converting this blog from a "do all, make all" resource to a more personal journal/informational resource for all things lettering and design! I feel that I have finally found my true "niche" in this and have decided to pursue it wholeheartedly! My small design "business" is starting to grow and I would love to be able to document my projects and progress for you all to see. I hope to post more of my individual work, products I like, things and people that inspire me, lettering tutorials, and most importantly, cool free stuff for you guys!

I hope you enjoy getting a peak at my lettering and design journey, and I'll talk to you all soon!


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